Azalea Park Steering Committee Debuts New Design, Sets Timeline for Community Approval

Azalea Park Steering Committee Debuts New Design, Sets Timeline for Community Approval

The Azalea Park Steering Committee debuted its winning design for proposed improvements to Azalea Park at the 2nd Annual GHCA Block Party on September 29. The improvement plan was designed by the Fairfax County Park Authority in conjunction with feedback from the Azalea Park Steering Committee and inspired by the results of a community survey distributed in May 2018.

June 2018 Meeting Minutes

Greater Hillwood Citizens Association
Thursday, June 28, 2018
Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance:
Ryan Keedy – President
Alex Strong – Vice President
Mariel Cortese - Secretary

Nominating Committee - At-Large Board Position
Marti Wright, on behalf of the nominating committee, introduced Justin Fishel as the new candidate for the At-Large position on the board. By unanimous vote, we elected Justin to the board. Congratulations, Justin Fishel!

Azalea Park Steering Committee Update
Emily Jenkins & Julie Guzzo reported on their meetings with the county and provided an update regarding the outcome of our proffer funds survey. An excellent turnout of opinions at 98 households yielded these top 3 requests:

1. Replace current playgrounds with two different types for all ages
2. Replace swing set
3. Install a footbridge to connect one side of the park to the other

The county was extremely impressed with our community’s involvement and enthusiasm to improve Azalea Park. Because of that commitment, they are more than eager to work with us and perhaps provide us with even more upgrades beyond our proffer funds. They are excited to work with us and move forward. We should hear back from the county regarding two options for the new park by mid-August.

Westover Street Traffic Calming
A study was performed by FCDOT and found that Westover did not meet the requirements to have a traffic calming measure installed. Results for the study are available

Wilson Blvd. over Rte 50 Bridge Rehabilitation
The eastbound bridge span over Rte 50 that links the Rte 50 service road and Wilson Blvd will be replaced next spring. It is beyond repair and is beyond its usual life span. There will be a PR campaign starting in the fall to advertise detours. During construction there will be lanes close on route 50 (east and west boud) at night. The bridge replacement will take place over one weekend.

Metro Shuttle - Loren Perks Card
The program for Hillwood residents is officially up and running. Present your license to the front desk at the Loren to receive a perks card. The perks card will allow us access to their Metro shuttle to and from East Falls Church Metro station. The shuttle schedule is available at The perks card also provides us with discounts to local businesses. Please be sure to inquire with the front desk about those benefits. One perks card will be issued per household.

Block Parties!
Summer block party will be hosted in late July or August on Brook Drive (unless another block would like to host). A 1st annual FALL block party will be hosted on Meadow Lane by the Moran family. Please stay tuned for more details on both events.

Call for Volunteers
We need a block captain for Shady Lane (North of Westover Street). Please let us know if you or someone you know might be interested in helping out.

New Neighbors Reminder
If you see/meet someone moving in, please email with their name and street address so our neighborhood welcoming committee (Thank you Guzzo family) can delivery a Hillwood welcome package!

Hillwood Herald Delivery Preferences
In an effort to be more environmentally friendly and cost conscious we would like to offer neighbors the opportunity to remove themselves from receiving the paper copy of the Hillwood Herald. If you would like to stop receiving the Herald paper copy, please reach out to your block captain and they can note your preference. GHCA will send out a list of the block captains via the official GHCA liserv email for neighbors reference - please note that we will need your name and address to remove you.

Financial Update
GHCA financials are strong. We look forward to hosting events like the block parties along with other ideas like a Kids Night or even Adult Night! All suggestions are welcome to

As always, if there are questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to As stated in our GHCA Constitution, “The purpose of the Association is to foster, promote and protect the civic and residential interests of the community.” We love this community and everyone in it.