Azalea Park Steering Committee Announced

The Greater Hillwood Citizens Association (GHCA) leadership announced today members of the Azalea Park Steering Committee. The committee is charged with developing a plan to revitalize Azalea Park relying on funds proffered to the community by the Bozzuto Group real estate development and construction company. A final plan will be brought before the GHCA membership for a vote at its next meeting.

The committee, consisting of 12 voting members, was chosen to represent a broad cross-section of the Greater Hillwood community. The group will be led by co-chairs Julie Guzzo and Emily Jenkins. All members of the Steering Committee are listed below.

Azalea Park Steering Committee

Julie Guzzo (Meadow Lane), Co-Chair
Emily Jenkins (East Broad Street), Co-Chair 

Julie Breen (Cherry Street)
Megan Crew (Brooke Drive)
Dave Giger (South Street)
Matt Hardy (Meadow Lane)
Josh Mazen (Linden Avenue)
Robert Petillo (Hillwood Avenue)
Jessica Reeves (Berry Street)
Ashley Van Meter (Shady Lane)
Roger Wilson (Cleave Drive)
Maria Worthen (Meadow Lane)

Non-voting, ex officio member - Alex Strong

Interest in the committee was overwhelming. Unfortunately, not everyone who requested a spot will be able to participate directly with the group. If you have thoughts or suggestions for the direction of the Azelea Park revitalization effort, you are encouraged to reach out to Julie Guzzo, Emily Jenkins or, as always, through the GHCA website.