March 2018 Meeting Minutes

Greater Hillwood Citizens Association
Monday, March 12, 2018
Quarterly Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance:
Ryan Keedy – President
Alex Strong  – Vice President
Mike McCarthy – Treasurer
Mariel Cortese - Secretary
Jeff Hilton – Officer at Large

Thank you to everyone who attended the March 2018 meeting.  We had an excellent turnout and were happy to see so many smiling faces!

Proffer Funds Update
Fourteen suggestions have been submitted to date.  All can be viewed at within the December 2017 meeting minutes.  If you’d like to request the current list for review or add to the list, please email  Remember, we will all need to vote and rank this list.  Your input is important.

As an update to these requests, FCDOT will be doing a traffic study (scheduled to take place in the spring) that will look in to the possibility of installing a speed hump on Westover Street between South & Cleave.  Unfortunately we have also learned that one of the suggestions for the proffer money has been eliminated - installing a stop sign on Brook at Westover Lane. The county determined that there is not enough traffic (per VDOT) to necessitate a stop sign at this location.

Azalea Park Planning & Development
We were happy to welcome three directors from Fairfax County to the meeting to go over the Azalea Park master plan and discuss possible updates to the park that could be completed with the Bozzuto proffer funds.  Dave Bowden & Paul Shirey went over the master plan of the park as it stands, offered suggestions as to what could and could not be done in the park and answered questions. They confirmed that the park has enough space to possibly include a combination tot lot and playground, along with an adult exercise area and small picnic space.  Dave was confident that with the money we have coming our way, we could really make an impact in Azalea Park. The entire process could take as little as 6 months to complete; from design stage to final installation.

The half court in the park is due for a blacktop refacing in 2020, so that will not take away from our proffer funds. We also discussed scheduling the internal forestry department to come out to assess trees in the park, as well as the storm water department to come out and take a look at the current situation with the stream.  Todd Brown (Dir. of Park Operations) confirmed that we, as a community, could set up a ‘Friends of the Park’ or ‘Adopt-a-Park’ program, thus providing us with a community/neighborhood sign.

Call for Volunteers!!

With all of this exciting news regarding the park, the Board would like to call for volunteers to serve on an ‘Azalea Park Steering Committee’ that will directly interface with Fairfax County to come up with design options for an improved park.  We’ll need to look in to time commitments and logistics and let you know, but we are eager to get this process going. We already have 7 volunteers as of the meeting, but would love more. If you are interested, or know of someone who is, PLEASE email and let us know.  The hope is to have this committee formed, meet with county officials regarding possibilities, and present at the next quarterly meeting.  

To distribute the Hillwood Herald...

  • Brook Drive (South of Westover)
  • Cleave Drive (South of Westover)

Please email or contact us on the Facebook page if you’d like to volunteer.

Saturday, April 14, 9am - 12pm

Please join us for the annual Spring park clean up.  Bring the entire family to pitch in. If you cannot make it, please consider dropping off supplies, tools, bags, flower flats, donuts, coffee, water, etc.  All are welcome and all donations are appreciated.

Loren Apartments - Perks Card - Metro Shuttle
Nina Kent, Property Manager for the Loren Apartments, attended the meeting to discuss our access to their Metro shuttle.  The Board will be compiling and providing Nina and the Loren with a list of all Hillwood addresses. Once that is complete, Hillwood residents will be able to receive a Loren Perks Card by showing their drivers license.  The Perks card will grant you access to the Metro Shuttle as well as other discounts for local businesses.

The Loren Metro Shuttle currently has two pick up points - out front of the Loren and at 6400 Arlington Blvd.  The shuttle runs Monday - Friday from 6am - 7:45pm, in approx. 30-45 min increments. The last shuttle leaves EFC Metro at 7:45pm.  The shuttle schedule will be posted on the Greater Hillwood website. *The Loren is currently working on establishing a shuttle stop at South Street and Westover.  Details to come.

Scoop the Poop!
Ladies & Gentlemen of the community, we pride ourselves on a safe and clean environment for everyone.  We also love all of our furry friends in the Hillwood Community. With that being said, PLEASE pick up after your pets. It’s important to remember that Fairfax County does have strict pet, leash and waste laws. Don’t be that person that needs to be turned in!

2nd Annual GHCA Block Party on Meadow Lane - Summer 2018
Stay tuned for date and details as the time comes closer!  David Hays, owner/operator, of American Lube on Arlington Blvd. has graciously offered to help with/sponsor the block party.  We will definitely be working with him and the Moran family to ensure a successful get together.

GHCA Website
Big THANK YOU to our VP, Alex Strong, for whipping the Hillwood website in to shape.  It’s still in the works, but its an incredible improvement. Check it out!

Financial Update - Mike McCarthy
The GHCA financials are strong.  We currently have about $750 in our account (after meeting dues collected).  The McCarthy family has graciously picked up the tab for the printing of the Hillwood Herald for this year ($400 annual savings).  This savings will allow us to contribute lots more to the park cleanup, block party, and future events.

A vote passed to increase annual Hillwood dues from $10 to $15.  Also passed a vote to decrease dues for retired members of the community to $5.  If you haven’t paid your dues as of yet, you have until April 1st to pay the old rate of $10.  All dues can be paid by cash, check, paypal or through the Hillwood website or Facebook page.

Board Committee Opening
Our long serving Member at Large board member, Jeff Hilton, has stepped down.  We need to fill this position with one of our Falls Church City community members. We will be assembling a nominating committee to officially appoint a new member at large to the board.  If you, or someone you know, would like to join us, please reach out to  

For always being on top of welcoming our new neighbors to the community.  Julie is currently in charge of delivering welcome packages to our new neighbors.  If you would like to help out or know of any one new joining our neighborhood, please let us know!

As always, if there are questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to  As stated in our GHCA Constitution, “The purpose of the Association is to foster, promote and protect the civic and residential interests of the community.”  We love this community and everyone in it.

Look forward to seeing everyone out and about as the weather improves and Spring officially arrives!