Greater Hillwood Citizens Association Unanimously Approves Azalea Park Improvement Plan

The Greater Hillwood Citizens Association on Tuesday, October 30 voted to approve a proposed new plan to revitalize Azalea Park. The vote, including absentee ballots cast prior to the meeting, was unanimous in favor of the proposed plan. Construction will begin in the Spring of 2019 and take approximately two months to complete.

The vote marked the culmination of a two-year long process to determine the best use of funds proffered to the community by the Bozzuto Group real estate development and building company. Over the course that time, leadership of the Greater Hillwood Citizens Association and its Azalea Park Steering Committee worked closely with representatives from the office of Fairfax County Supervisor for the Providence District, Linda Smyth, and Fairfax County Park Authority to gather feedback from the community and develop a plan.

The improvement plan was designed by the Fairfax County Park Authority relying on feedback from the Azalea Park Steering Committee and inspired by the results of a community survey distributed to the Hillwood community in May 2018. Key features of the plan include:

  • New swing set structure with 2 bucket swings and 2 banana-style swings

  • A fenced in playground structure for children ages 2-5

  • A separate playground structure for children ages 5-12 including a rope climbing feature

  • An adult exercise station

  • Two new picnic tables, including an additional handicap accessible picnic table on a cement pad

A full presentation on the Azalea Park improvement plan from a 10/17 briefing can be found here.