GHCA Block Party - Thank you!

The GHCA Board would like to thank everyone who attended the 1st Annual Block Party and the residents on Brook Drive who allowed us to close off their street for the event. We also wanted to give a big thank you to all the neighbors that brought items to share and a special mention to Anne King of Shady Lane and Bill & Cary Cavness of Brook Drive who were not able to make the event but still donated to its success.

Please head to our Facebook page to see pictures from the event – a great time was had by all and it seems like an event that needs to be duplicated again (who wants to be the next street to host?


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Multiple Vehicle Break-Ins Update

We have received the following request from the Fairfax County Police concerning the recent car break-ins: 

Please use the link below for reporting all crimes non- emergency.  This system allows them to track, report and monitor what's happening in your neighborhood (as well as plan on doing increased surveillance in the area based on the increased reporting). They also confirmed that they will communicate with the Falls Church City police about these incidents and to help coordinate efforts. The process takes approximately 5-10 minutes and they've asked everyone who thinks that may have been impacted to please be sure and report.

Thanks and please let us know if we can help with any questions.

Notice: Proposed Amendment to GHCA Constitution

At the December GHCA Meeting there was a proposed amendment GHCA Constitution, Article VI to change the frequency of the GHCA regular meetings from every other month to once a quarter (with the understanding that special meetings of the Association may be called by the Executive Committee whenever necessary).    

This amendment will be brought up for discussion and a vote at the next GHCA Meeting on February 21, 2017.    

October 2016 Meeting Minutes

Greater Hillwood Citizens Association
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Bi-Monthly Meeting Minutes

Board Members in Attendance:

Alan Ness – President
Ryan Keedy – Vice President
Mike McCarthy – Treasurer
Jeff Hilton - Officer At Large

Bozzuto Update – Alan Ness

Mike in Supervisor Smith’s office – working with association on how funds can be used and any restrictions that may be in place.  The one main point is that in no way will the entire sum be distributed directly to the GHCA Board.  Development is well underway, tenants are expected to occupy in springtime according to certain timelines.

GHCA Board recommends creating neighborhood task force and include neighbors from Falls Church City and Fairfax County.  We have representatives for Cleave, Shady, South Streets.  Still have outstanding streets who we need representatives from:  Meadow, Linden, Cedar.

Dave Sprague – Cleave Street
Darlene Diffy – Shady Street
Dave Geiger – South Street
Marti Wright – Brook Drive
Jeff Hilton – Berry Steet

Task Force Members Requirements - Gather input for the park/use of Bozzuto money, Get email addresses, talk about GHCA.  Make sure that Block Captains understand the value of GHCA and can verbally address that. Azalea Park originally donated as park as a war memorial according to member.

GHCA still working to identify what money can be used with (outside of just Azalea Park).  Potential Stop Signs at Shady and Cleave, Sidewalk along the park,

Nominating Committee / Officers – Alan Ness

We are still trying to fill spots for Vice President & Secretary spots for 2017 year.  Alan Ness will be staying on as Ex-Officio to help with newsletter.  VP Role is help assist President – great opportunity to get involved. 

Halloween Contest – Alan Ness

We’ve had three people sign up for Halloween contest.  Prizes awarded to best four homes – at this point three entries.  Reposting messages to Facebook and Hillwood listserv to ramp up interest among homes in neighborhood.

Park Update – Ryan Keedy

  • Reach out to Dominion Power about street lights not working – Shady & Westover (wires hanging out) need to address
  • Reach out to FFX County about park lights not working
  • No more dedicated pet waste trash can – new FFX County

November 19th Park Cleanup:  09:00am – 12:00pm (Picking up sticks, leaves – basic cleaning)

Dues / Financial Update – Mike McCarthy / Alan Ness

  • Newsletter – paired down to one page with expiring advertising commitments bringing total cost down to $70 per printing.
  • $525 in checking account balance
  • $70 outstanding for last newsletter mailing

Trying to drive all payments possible to website / PayPal – very easy transaction recording and record keeping. 

Voting on new Initiatives:

Increasing Dues Initiative

$15 Motion – Not passed
Raising dues to $10 (from the current $5 dollar amount)
In Favor – 11 in favor
Opposed – 3 opposed

Motion passed to increase dues to $10 starting FY 2017

Changing Meetings from Bi-Monthly to Quarterly.  Will vote at December Meeting.


Kathy S supports lessening of meeting to quarters only.
Mike McCarthy agrees that lessening would be best.

Offer to host meeting

Reduce # of meetings annually at next meeting.

Other Announcements:

Anna Lisa Boyle – she lived in Cape Cod from the park has passed away.  Obituary to be forwarded to listserv to make announcement. 

GHCA to Support Falls Church Homeless Shelter – Kathy S.

Bring items to be donated to December Social.

Make sure to get newsletter out a week earlier than normal – delay on last newsletter was due to Welsh Printing no longer having hard address yet (newsletters had to be mailed).

Deliver by due to time sensitive information to be included on notes to block captains.  

Hillwood Citizens Association
Tuesday, October 25, 2016
Bi-Monthly Meeting Minutes